VOICED Code of Conduct

At VOICED, we pride ourselves on being a social content platform for everyone. That being said, there is a difference between free speech and hate speech. Here at VOICED, we want to honor and respect all voices. Because of this, we've got a code of conduct that we ask all VOICED registered users to respect. It looks long, but it's pretty damn simple: be a good human in the same way you are in real life, off the internet. To cover our bases, we got more specific. On VOICED, we ask that you please:

●  Don't troll. Try to avoid being intentionally rude. The internet can get nasty fast when you forget you're talking to a real person behind that computer screen. So before commenting, ask yourself, "Would I say this to the person's face?" or "Would somebody beat me up for saying this to their face?"
●  Consider other voices, even if you disagree with them. Well-crafted content is worth thinking about, and controversial topics are worth talking about. So don't shut down a conversation just because it makes you uncomfortable, frustrated, or angry. Engage with other voices —  don’t scream over them.
●  Actually read or watch something before you comment on it — don't just respond to its title or headline. Chances are, the whole story is a lot more interesting and nuanced than your first glance of it and the comment that comes from not even reading the whole post (We can totally tell when you didn’t read/watch, and you’re just making a fool of yourself and flaunting your opinion, rather than thinking and discussing real issues. Get real!). 
●  Don't conduct personal attacks or post personal insults on anyone. Distracting attacks that have nothing to do with the actual conversation do nothing for the actual conversation (They also make you look like a petty jerk).
●  Don't post someone else's personal information or links to identifying information. 
●  Don't write threatening, abusive, or violent shit. 
●  Don't incite readers to commit crimes or hurt people.
●  Don't talk about illegal activity.
●  Last but not least: If you see something, say something. We’re not content police, and we expect to remove content rarely. But VOICED is committed to providing everyone an equal voice and a safe, respectful place for ideas, conversation and discussion. It’s the least we can do. Contact VOICED if you see something you think goes against our Code of Conduct, and we'll check it out ASAP. 

A note: Content reported to us which breaks our Code of Conduct will be removed from VOICED immediately, and VOICED members who violate the Code of Conduct repeatedly are essentially requesting to have their account banned. We’ll do it if we have to.